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Our Story

Katie Rorer

Hello, my name is Katie Rorer, and I discovered Twinkle Toes during my sophomore year of college. Before attending the University of Florida, I had worked as a babysitter and nanny for several years, but I found it difficult to find a family in Gainesville. After searching for most of my sophomore year I came across Twinkle Toes and I immediately fell in love with the agency. Throughout the next two years I worked for Twinkle Toes in several roles and my appreciation for this incredible agency continued to grow.
  Twinkle Toes made it easy for me to find the perfect family, and it allowed me to feel comfortable working with new families in a town that was still relatively new to me. Something that makes Twinkle Toes so special is the dedication that goes into making sure the process of finding a nanny or babysitter as simple as possible. Twinkle Toes never charges any upfront fees, application fees, or placement fees, and you never need to worry about negotiating salaries, contracts, or handling pay roll taxes.
  As the manager of Twinkle Toes Orlando, I will take the time to get to know your family through an in-home meeting in order to answer any questions you may have and find out what your specific needs are. After that I will search to find you the perfectly qualified nanny or sitter so you can rest assured that your children are in good hands.
  I have experienced first-hand how great it is to find the perfect match, and I am excited to get to work finding the perfect match for your family!

Katie Rorer